The “Clube de Fado”…
In your Country, in your City,
in your House!


“Mário Pacheco – Clube de Fado”

All the magic of Fado in the music of Mário Pacheco.
Portuguese Guitar Instrumental and Fado with the truth and intimate atmosphere of “Clube de Fado”…
in your Country, in your City, in your Home!




Lisbon City Council:
Municipal Medal of Merit
Gold grade

Commendation of the
Order of Infante D. Henrique



The confident and absorbing guitar and compositions of Mário Pacheco are not accidental. They reflect his special dedication to, commitment to, and caring for the art of music, particularly Fado, founded on a familiar tradition.

The son of the guitar player António Pacheco, who played with some of the best Fado artists, Mário Pacheco soon began unveiling the mysteries of the guitar chords and of the melodic ways of Fado compositions.
This born talent was strengthened and expanded by the study of music theory and classic guitar in the Music Academy of Lisbon.
However, he is most captivated by the Portuguese guitar, the musical instrument, which, in his words, “most expressively defines Fado”.
He studies the best guitar players with dedication: Armandinho, Artur Paredes, Carlos Paredes, Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Fontes Rocha.

That’s how he got the foundations, which enabled him to create his own style, both as a guitar player, accompanying the great voices of Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro, Hermínia Silva, Tristão da Silva or Max, with whom his father also played, and, later on, as a composer.

With such a musical background he inevitably got the urge and the inspiration to compose, fully understanding the typical format and harmonies of Fado.
Carlos Zel, Paulo de Carvalho, Ana Sofia Varela, Rodrigo Costa Félix, Mísia, Joana Amendoeira, Camané, Cuca Roseta, Carminho, Mariza, and Amália, all interpret his melodies.

In 1992, his first album appears, “Um outro olhar” – “Another Look” – seeking to translate the way Mário Pacheco’s music reflects a different vision of nostalgia and of how saudade – yearning – and sadness cross their paths, in a harmonious way, opening up to other musical languages, for Fado also expresses and summarizes several other rhythms. To this album, which is a hallmark in the history of Portuguese music, followed “Guitarras do fado” – “Fado guitars” – “Cantar Amália” – “Singing Amália” – and “Guitarra portuguesa” – “Portuguese Guitar”.

The Portuguese guitar, composition, and the Fado environments keep on inspiring him, and guiding his steps.

Meanwhile, Mário Pacheco found a place, in the historical neighborhood of Alfama, next to the secular Cathedral Sé of Lisbon, where he creates a space of reference for Fado, and also dedicated to artistic creation.
He calls it “Clube de Fado”.
In fact, it’s a club for people to meet, chat and exchange ideas in a Fado environment.
In this space where Fado happens every night, tradition is kept.
That’s where Mário Pacheco sails away on a journey with his guitar…

His CD/DVD mirrors a “getaway” in the aristocratic environment of The National Palace of Queluz. In this show, Mário Pacheco recalls his “masters”: Carlos Paredes and José Fontes Rocha, composing two instrumental pieces in their tribute, and invites Fado singers to interpret his melodies: Camané, Rodrigo Costa Félix, Ana Sofia Varela and Mariza, four insurmountable names of Fado, as well as the musicians Carlos Manuel Proença (guitar), Rodrigo Serrão (doublebass), Marta Pereira da Costa (Portuguese guitar) and also the string quartet of Arlindo Silva. It’s a magical setting. The stairs of Robillion, built in 1764, are crossed by emotions, feelings, images of life, Fado happening through the words of poets and in the inspired music and guitar of Mário Pacheco.

CD + Bónus DVD